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October 31, 2009

Beautiful Moon


I caught this intense moon shot a couple months ago.  It was the same night that they were shooting the World Trade Center lights into the sky to test them out.  I couldn't see them directly, but they could have played a part in making the sky look like this.

I recently put this photo up in the gallery here.

Happy Halloween!

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October 30, 2009

Atlantic Avenue Subway Tunnel


Here are photos from a tour of the Atlantic Avenue Subway Tunnel, which is officially the world's oldest subway tunnel.


A quick backstory: The tunnel was built under Atlantic Avenue in 1844 for the Long Island Railroad as a way to keep the previously above-ground train from hitting people.  By the end of the 1850's, the tunnel was shut down and was supposed to be filled in and closed up.  Lucky for us, the contract was given to a man named Electus Litchfield, who instead of filling it in, only capped the ends, leaving the tunnel to be hidden for the next 100 years.

Fast forward to 1980, a 19 year old engineering student named Bob Diamond (the tour operator) heard a story on the radio about an old subway tunnel hidden under Brooklyn.  After a year long hunt he finally found it, under an old manhole on Atlantic Avenue.


Diamond currently leads monthly tours through the tunnel, with the entrance through a manhole cover in the middle of Atlantic Avenue.  You can find the tour schedule here.

Six blocks at the end of the tunnel are still blocked off by a large wall that has yet to be knocked down.  Diamond believes there is good chance that an old locomotive is hidden behind the wall and possibly part of John Wilkes Booth's diary.  He hopes to break through this wall sometime within the next year.


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October 29, 2009

Cooking in Chinatown


I came across this woman in Chinatown after picking Sara up from work one day.  It looks like she was going to use the pan to heat up her food above the fire.


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October 28, 2009

Dedicated To My Grandparents


I want to dedicate this first post to my grandparents, Peggy and Tony Lombardo, who both passed away fairly recently at the age of 90.

While packing up their belongings a little less than a year ago, I came across a truly astounding archive of their black and white photographs, many of which were taken as early as the 1930s.

Now as someone who loves city photography, I can’t explain how much finding this archive excited me.  Many of the photos included the tar-rooftops, stoops, street-corners and buildings of the city, where my grandparents had spent their entire lives.

/images/0000/0049/grandpa1.jpgLeft: Tony looking sharp on rooftop (on left).

But also, this archive was not strictly comprised of posed ‘family’ shots.  Many of the photographs include candid views of my grandparents and their friends and family hanging out in the city, unaware of the camera.

I will be including these photographs and excerpts of letters I found throughout this blog as I get a chance to scan them in and type them up.  I also found 5 booklets with amazing typed narratives and photos of my grandfather’s mid 20s road-trips with 4 of his close friends, which I will add in eventually.

While these photos are wonderful historical treasures of my grandparents’ lives and the city in general, the thing that makes me the happiest is that there is an overwhelming theme of joy throughout.  It is clear that my grandparents had both led very full lives with lots of friends and laughter.

I hope that you enjoy these photos as much as I do.


Right: The Tar Beach (Tony Playing Ukulele in the Middle).

*If you like the photos in this post please help me spread the word by sharing. Thanks.

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