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May 18, 2010

Bowling - Vintage Photography

Tony Bowling, around the late 1940s

Pardon the quality of these photographs as they're not the sharpest shots or best retouched (retouching these correctly would have taken a full day.)  But it's really the content that counts, isn't it?

My grandfather was a great bowler.  Although I never actually saw him bowl, I heard from family members and saw his collection of medals.  From reading through his old letters I gather that he used to spend a lot of his nights hanging out at the bowling alleys with his friends and having a few (or more) drinks.

I find not just the intimate and closeted feel of this old bowling alley to be interesting, but the clothes that they all wore to bowl.  Perhaps they were just off of work, or more likely this is just how they dressed every day.

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