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October 12, 2010

Chrysler Building Lobby

For Open House New York this past weekend we decided to go check out the Chrysler Building Lobby, which is possibly the most ornate and expensive lobby in the entire city.

The trip served two purposes for us.  The first was obviously to see this amazing lobby and to photograph it for this blog.  You can click here for a history of the Chrysler Building, it's very interesting.  But secondly was that Sara and I are both huge Art Deco fans, and our wedding next September is going to have an Art Deco influence, so this was also "research" for that.

When walking in, the first thing that hits you is the amazing mural that covers the entire ceiling. A tribute to the age in which it was created, it is filled with Deco triangles, sharp angles, slightly curved lines, chrome detailing, and a multitude of patterns.  The lobby shows scenes primarily of the workers that created the building, as well as tributes to the airplane and the age of flight.

The gorgeous walls of the lobby are made with a very expensive African marble.  It is clear that no expense was spared when creating the building.  The random yet repeated patterns play off the style of the rest of the lobby extremely well.

The lighting in the lobby was fairly sparse and somewhat dim, even though the fixtures were powerful and iconic.  Both factors created wonderful mood lighting and enhanced the scene.

An upside-down ceiling fixture - perhaps the inspiration for a wedding cake (credit to Sara for this thought, obviously.) 

I am adding these photos to the Chrysler Building article as well.  Once again, for those of you that want to read about the history of it, please click here


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