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August 23, 2012

New York F-ing City

I have an interesting article coming out tomorrow in the Daily News (in the center if you're interested), about a neighborhood a couple of blocks from the new Yankee Stadium that is starting to go through a lot of change.  Anyway, here is a funny interview that unfortunately there wasn't room for.

Name: Raul Santiago
Occupation: Visual Merchandising Consultant
Lives: 164th Street and Sherman Ave

            “I moved here from Hunts Point, which has also come a long way.  When I moved there five years ago, the first week that I was there, I was coming out of my apartment and saw five police vans and the police were coming out of the building across the street with shotguns.  Prostitutes were running out of the house; there was basically a whorehouse right across the street from me.  I had an idea because I would come home at five in the morning on the weekends sometimes and the whole street would be lined up with cars, Cadillacs and Mercedes, with people coming back from the clubs. The girls would come out and jump in these guys cars.  After the police came it all stopped."


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