October 30, 2012


 Lower East Side Con-Ed explosion.

Well, a little update for those interested. I'm not actually in NY, instead in Burbank, CA.  It sounds like the storm was extremely bad - bad enough for Cuomo to start talking about building Levees.  I wish I was there, particularly because my brother is housesitting my cat on the the lower east side with no power. The video above was our local power station. Looks like we'll be without power for a week. Subways will be out of commission for 4 or 5 days. And I can't imagine driving around lower Manhattan without power for the lights. And that huge fire in Breezy Point that destroyed 80 houses looked insane. People being rescued from rooftops in Staten Island.  New Jersey seems to have been hit much harder as well.

As always, I'm hoping the city will be able clean up this horrible event quickly and efficiently.  And if anything good comes out of this, it's that it will be the impetus to start planning to protect ourselves from these water surges in the future.  But it is nightmare for so many families, much more than just the power going out.

Anyway, I'm supposed to fly back on the redeye tonight. Not cancelled yet, but who knows. I'll either be the first one in or the last one cancelled.

If you're looking for photos, check out Gothamist NY and the NY Times.


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