November 05, 2012

In the Dark and Under Water

Copyright Iwan Baan. Read how he created this image.

This will no doubt be the most iconic image to come out of the storm.  You can click on any of the links below for photos.  The Atlantic has a good roundup of images.

Coastal New Jersey and Staten Island was demolished, Rockaway BeachConey Island and Red Hook were hit hard, and over a hundred houses, many belonging to Police and Firemen, burned in Breezy Point.  Much of the subway system was underwater.  90% of Long Island was without power.  Many of the Chelsea art galleries and their collections were destroyed.

Half of Manhattan was dark.  For most of the lit half, life went on as normal, while the was a lot of hardship in the dark half.  High Rises + no power + no water is a dangerous mix.  I just spoke to one of my neighbors on the floor below who lives with her very young daughter and two elderly parents who had to constantly walk up and down 12 flights of stairs to get gallons of water with a bad back.  And the inequality in the city was further emphasized.

Where I am on 4th street and 1st Avenue seems almost back to normal, but 2 blocks away, much of Avenue C is destroyed.  Many businesses lost everything.

It's good to be back to work after a week, but there are thousands of people who lost their livelihoods, their homes, and even their lives.

If you want to help, you can donate any amount here.


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