November 12, 2012

Holiday Print Offer, 2012


Hey all,

Starting today, I am running a two-week print offer on five of my top 12"x18" prints.

This will be the first time I am structuring an offer this way, but hopefully not the last.  The idea is to keep the costs down by offering a limited number of prints at a single size, thus creating a consistent workflow and lowering my printing and shipping times significantly. If it goes smoothly, the plan is to offer two of these a year, with different prints each time.

Individual prints are 30% off and if you purchase a collection of three, the price per print comes down to 45% off, which will give you the chance to purchase a print for yourself and a couple as holiday gifts.

The offer will end on Monday, Nov 26th, but if you are able to, please help me out by getting your orders in early. And as always, if you have any friends or family that you think might be interested, please send this to them!

Read more about the offer.


(We'll get back to the normal blog schedule starting tomorrow.)


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