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November 13, 2012


1/800th at F9, ISO 800 (38mm).

It's been a busy last few months, between releasing and promoting the book, setting up this print offer, and juggling the regular photo jobs, but for the first time since January, I feel like I've finally caught up with it all. 

Nobody tells you this when you try to start a photography business, but it's really all about self-promotion.  I'm assuming that's the main constant with any business.  It can get hard to stomach sometimes, because you don't spend your free time as a photographer taking photos; you spend it promoting and trying to gain clients.  There's the work you do to make a living and then there's the work you do to get the work you need to make a living. There's ebbs and flows in this world and the focus of this past year for me has been dedicated to many things other than pictures. 

Although, with the amount of time I've spent shooting this year, I think I took a handful of shots that will stick with me, which is all that you can really hope for in any year.

I need to switch my focus.  2013 will be a year to focus on the photography.  I'm hoping to start it now.  I figure if I state that here then you'll hold me to it.


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