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November 26, 2012

Hypnotize, SoHo

1/250th at F5, ISO 1600 (28mm).

Reminder: today is the last day of the Holiday Print Offer.

I'm spending most of the day printing today.  There are few things in this line of work more enjoyable than printing.  There's something so final about it; it's the last step in a long process.  And you get to blast music while you do it, so there's that too.  I generally don't listen to music when I work because of my ADD.  Music makes it a lot worse.

I think I'm going to be focusing a good amount on shoppers this month, since that is what Manhattan is all about in the month of December.  This capture was taken outside of the Vince Camuto store in Soho.  The man is part of a doorway video that they play on repeat of a man getting undressed with his Camuto accessories on (watch, necklace, belt, etc.).  It was hypnotic and there were a couple shots (especially where he's taking off his pants where you could see the hairline down to his junk) that were slightly inappropriate for a street corner.  Not that I'm a prude or anything, but for a store that is all about 'high-end' taste, it was so utterly lacking in any semblance of real taste.  It was the equivalent of the naked models that stand outside of the Hollister store.  But hey, I guess it works.

Anyway, there is about a 5 second duration in this 7 minute video where the model's eye looks back at the passersby.  It was the highpoint of the hypnotism and I wanted some interaction between the model and a person.  You can imagine how long it took waiting in the cold to get this.  Probably an hour, but I'm extremely happy with the result.  The pose of the shopper is minion-esque.


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