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James Maher, Photographer BioJames Maher is a New York Photographer based out of Manhattan and Brooklyn. He is a lifelong New Yorker, a huge Knicks fan, a dumpling lover, and he finally got his drivers license at 30 years old, like any true Manhattanite should.

James has run a photography business in the city since 2005, he sells and licenses prints of his work, is a certified tour guide who runs frequent workshops and photo tours, he runs a portrait and events business, and he enjoys documentary projects and writing about the city and history in his spare time.

New York Photography Gallery:

In this online gallery, you will be able to view a large collection of New York photography, including urban landscapes, street photography, architecture, and Central Park prints. You can also view documentary projects and travel prints.

James has sold and licensed his photography to collectors and companies all over the world. He prints on extremely high-quality fine art papers in a variety of sizes. He also has new portfolio boxes for sale.

New York Photography Workshops:

James is a licensed New York tour guide and has given close to a thousand workshops and tours since 2011. He offers occasional weekend and weeklong group photography workshops, which combine photography, history of photography, and editing seminars with photography days around many areas of the city.

He also offers private daily photography tours and street photography workshops for travelers, tourists, and New Yorkers. These photography tours are customizable to each person’s interests and educational needs and combine photography education, sightseeing with both iconic and off-the-beaten-path locations, and the fascinating history of the areas traveled through. James has a 5-star rating on TripAdvisor, with over 100 reviews. 

New York Portrait, Business, Event, and Family Photography:

James works frequently with major companies, medium and small businesses, and individuals in a variety of ways. He does on-location business portraits and headshots, environmental photography around New York City, photography of creative professionals, business seminar and event photography, and family and engagement photography.

He can work in small spaces or with giant groups and always aims to make the process as fun as possible. With his extensive knowledge of New York from his guiding background, he can introduce you to a variety of fantastic locations for creating New York portraits.

New York History and Photographer Articles:

If you are interested in New York history, the history of photography, or educational resources and ebooks about photography and the city, please make sure to explore this website in-depth, starting with The New York Photography Blog. Read an introduction to street photography, go further by downloading The Essentials of Street Photography eBook, download The New York Photographer’s Travel Guide, or read a NY travel resource guide. You can even learn more about marketing your photography with the Creative Freelance Marketing eBook.

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