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About the Gallery

James Maher, Photographer BioJames Maher is a street and urban landscape photographer based in New York City. His photos and writing have been widely published, and his work has been sold and licensed to collectors and companies globally, including Tiffany & Co. and G-Star RAW.

As the author of The New York Photographer’s Travel Guide and as a certified New York Tour and Workshop Guide, James has explored the ins and outs of both the iconic and the off-the-beaten-path New York in painstaking detail.

He captures the city at all different times of day and in all types of weather, including inclement rain and snowstorms, which are his favorite adventures. His love for photography stems from his love for exploring New York.

Fine Art Photography Prints

In our online viewable photography galleries, we offer signed archival prints of New York City in all sizes, including large scale. We offer framing advice and assistance, design and sizing assistance, and can work with you to figure out the best prints for your space or project.

We work with many individual collectors, corporate clients, developers, art consultants, and interior designers. We are happy to provide you with customized gallery selections to help select your favorites or provide to clients. Our archive is extensive and goes beyond what is shown on the website, so please contact us if you have a specific need or print in mind.

Photography Collections

Our fine art photography collections consist of city/urban landscape, street, architecture, documentary, and travel photography in both color and black and white.

Commitment to Quality

Quality is of the utmost importance every step of the way, including with our camera equipment, photography techniques, location scouting, post-processing work, printing equipment and techniques, and the fine art, archival papers that we use. The goal is always for the print to look as beautiful as possible.

Pricing and further information

To read more about our pricing, gallery practices, and our policies, please view our pricing and information page.



Examples of James’ New York Photography:

Subways in Motion, 2010.

Bow Bridge at Dusk, Central Park, New York Photography

Literary (Poets') Walk, Central Park, 2010., New York Photography

Graffiti, Manhattan Bridge, New York Photography

 Grand Central Terminal, New York Street Photography

Polka Dots and Pink Shoes, Subway, New York Photography

Brooklyn Bridge, New York Photography