Luxury for Lease

Just a few decades ago, New York was known as a soulful city: gritty but free; dirty but alive. People came here for acceptance and freedom to be as they wanted, and a culture of creativity blossomed. However, in the post-9/11 world, mandated change accelerated. Suburbia and wealth began to move back to the city with an insatiable appetite.

This project is about the selling of New York, the selling out of New York, and the aura and feeling that permeate through the streets. Old mainstays are being forced out for fly-by-night trends. ‘The ballet of a good city sidewalk,’ as Jane Jacobs referred to, is where the true heart of New York exists. That ‘New York energy,’ of constant street interaction, is now being steadily replaced by disconnection, hyper-gentrification, conformity, and consumerism. The city is becoming weary.