New York Street Photography Group Workshops

Explore New York and Improve Your Photography

Spend the weekend learning the art of street photography with a lifelong New Yorker, explore some of the most interesting and off-the-beaten-path locations in the city, meet some new photography friends, learn some fascinating New York history, and return with some fabulous photographs – just make sure to bring good walking shoes!

Prince and Broadway, SoHo, 2015.

Upcoming Workshops


NYC – April 29-30th, 2017 – Sold Out – (Join Waitlist)


3-Day, 4-Day, Week

NYC – 4-Day – September 7-10th, 2017 – Sold Out – (Join Waitlist)


Princeton Photo Workshop

April 22nd, May 20th (Click for Details)


Contact James with any questions.

The goal of these workshops is to create the right environment to help you improve your skills, to learn to shoot in the right way, to spend a lot of time out there to give you the chance to return with some fantastic and unique photographs that you are proud of, and most importantly, to have fun!

I want to introduce you to photographing in areas of the city that are not as common to see, and I want to teach you about those neighborhoods and their history to help you understand more about what you are photographing. The aim is to help you understand and appreciate the city and what you are shooting in a more nuanced way.

Click the register button next to each workshop to learn the schedule and details of what will be taught, as they will vary. Topics covered in the workshops are street photography, cityscape and architecture photography, and the history of New York neighborhoods. In some workshops, night street and architecture photography will be taught, as well as the history of famous street photographers. Weekend classes do not usually cover editing, while longer classes will typically have one or two editing and presentation seminars.

All skill levels and camera systems are welcome. If you haven’t tried street photography before, we will teach you what you need to know and help you to get much more comfortable with it. New York is one of the easiest and best places to learn this skill. Tripods and laptops are only necessary if indicated.

Hope to see you in one of the workshops!

– James

Watch James talk about his work on Fox 5 News:

James Maher

About James: James has lived in New York for his entire life (besides a 5 year stint in Madison, Wisconsin, but he doesn’t want to talk about that.) Like many Manhattanites, he is a terrible driver and cook, but he’s an excellent navigator. He has been practicing the art of street photography since he first picked up a camera, has worked as a portrait and fine art photographer in New York since 2005, has had a regular feature for the NY Daily News reporting on different neighborhoods of the City through street portraits and interviews with locals, is a certified New York tour and workshop guide (so get ready for some history!), and has sold and licensed his photography of New York to collectors and companies from around the world.

Read James’ article on exploring and photographing New York, featured in Digital Photographer Magazine.


“James is not only a top guy, he’s engaging and knowledgeable. In 5 minutes he changed the way I will do street photography for life.”

– Duncan Stafford.

“James is a highly knowledgeable expert in his field and has a great way of delivering and demonstrating key techniques required for street photography. I thought I knew a bit already, but James showed me in particular really useful ways of getting the most out of my ISO and various camera modes to allow for quick capturing during street photography – very crucial as the moments pass so quickly, more so than other types of photography.

Probably the most rewarding aspect of the workshop was the places James took me. They felt like hidden gems down random alleys and to architecture I never ever would have seen in my life had it not been for James. I ended the workshop with some really good photos to take back to New Zealand that I was proud of. I’d highly recommend James’ workshop to anyone who loves photography and is looking for an excellent teacher and a very rewarding experience. I am grateful to have taken from James techniques and knowledge that will continue to shape my photography process for years to come.”

– Chawit Rochanakit.

“I loved the workshop and feel like it renewed my interest in, and love of, photography. James does a wonderful job of teaching technical information and making you feel successful while adding in lots of interesting information and history about his beautiful city. Not only was I able to see and photograph some well known landmarks, I was also able to see some areas of the city that may not be at the top of the tourist guide book. That may be one of the best experiences, getting to know parts of the city you may not make time to visit as a guest.”

– Erin Peacock.

“In addition to photography tips and techniques gained from the workshop, James is very knowledgeable about the history of New York in general and about small details in the areas we walked in specifically, which made the workshop very much entertaining and interesting. James opened my eyes to small things I never thought of photographing before.”

– Nour Aboujeb.

“James has a great personality, laid back, very easy to hang out with. I particularly wanted to shoot interesting people in NY and James led me to the right neighborhoods and street corners to find what I was looking for. What I liked the most about the workshop was that James showed me places in NY that I never would have gone or found myself. I felt a sense of confidence and safety on the street because James was there showing me the ropes. I highly recommend this workshop for anyone wanting to capture the essence of New York.”

– Gail Mancuso.

“Always on the lookout for new ways to explore photography, I recently read an article about James Maher. I had never tried street photography, but it sounded intriguing, so I Googled James, learned about his street photography, ordered his books, and quickly signed up for one of his workshops. To say that I enjoyed it would be an understatement: James’ enthusiasm for photography and for New York City combines to create an exciting, rewarding, and unforgettable experience.

Taking me to some of the best intersections in the City for street photography, he taught me about zone focusing and about capturing images of people without being obvious. Concentrating on my camera’s settings, he instructed me about using different modes and different exposures to capture images with the greatest impact. Occasionally, I would need to ask a person if I could take a photo; James told me the best ways to approach him/her to get permission. Between shoots, he would point out the beauty of the City, including its architecture and some very creative and colorful graffiti.

All in all, it was a terrific workshop! Street photography was completely new to me—I can’t imagine a better introduction than James provided. I wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone who wants to expand his photographic horizons. It’s fun, enlightening, and fascinating, and James is a genuinely nice guy and a superb teacher!”

– Joe Routon.

What we will cover:

  • Technical camera settings
  • Ethics and overcoming fear
  • All the tricks for capturing close-up, candid photographs
  • Capturing gesture, expression, and emotion
  • Telling stories and developing your voice
  • Light and composition
  • The history of famous street photographers
  • New York history and current events
  • New York architecture
  • The best locations for street photography and architecture
  • Zone focusing techniques
  • And much more!