Free Photography Marketing Guide:

10 Strategies to Get Your Next Photography Job or to Make Your Next Print Sale

What’s in the free guide?

There is one major difference between successful and unsuccessful photographers, and that is their ability to study and develop strong marketing and business practices.

If you are beginning your photography business, this guide will teach you the first, most important steps that you must take to book your first job or to make your first sale.

If you are already running a photography business, this will give you some new ideas for how to make some very strong relationships in a variety of ways.


(Me with a stupid grin, testing lighting at a law firm.)

What you will learn:

The very first step that you should take.

Working with local businesses, art consultants, and educational programs.

Where to meet people and business owners in your community.

Working with newspapers and galleries.

How to research the competition to find opportunities and press.

Further links and resources.

Important bonus tips and why social media will not be your savior.

And more…

What this will not teach you? How to get a million followers on Instagram. While using social media to foster a community is important, and we will talk about that, thinking that you need to gain a million followers right away is not how you build a strong marketing plan at first, particularly if you need to make a sustainable income quickly.

This guide will cover the most important actionable ways for how to build a strong foothold right away within your community. These are the tips that I wish I had learned at the very beginning of my career. Reading this would have pushed me ahead a couple of years.

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