These photos are all taken from daily walks to the Speedway gas station a block from my home.

The photo here is of a man who calls himself Mango. I started noticing in the mornings bread or rice on the ground surrounded by pigeons. I began to photograph that when I’d see it and then a couple times I saw the man feeding them, with a mask on. I captured a few candids passing on my way to the subway heading to morning jobs.

One day I had more time and went specifically looking for him, planning to stop and ask him about himself and ask for a portrait. Thankfully he was there and before I could ask he yelled out, ‘Hey, take a picture of me!’

Until recently, he lived in the Glo hotel (right behind him in the portrait) which had been converted to house the homeless. As of the taking of this photo, they had just kicked everyone out and he’s been sleeping on friends’ couches. The Glo hotel is now advertising rooms for $89.

Mango said he comes to the gas station to feed the pigeons as a form of therapy. Despite the hardships he was upbeat and energetic.

As long he’s feeding the pigeons, I hope to be able to keep photographing him. Hopefully, he will still come by.