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  1. I appreciate your photographic work and learn a lot from it and your writing. But … it’s very hard to read what you write because of the light font color. Can you do anything about that?

    1. Thanks Seagull – I will try to make it a little darker.

  2. Obviously, some places like New York will be much easier to do this than others, but that shouldn’t stop you.

    Every article I have ever read about street photography focuses on large cities like New York. It seems like anonymity is intrinsic to street photography. If this is untrue then why do I see so no rural or small town or suburban street photography? Even a Google search for Princeton street photography returns link to your Princeton Photo Workshop field trip, “The Real New York Soho”.

    So if street photography is truly possible anywhere, I challenge you to do a field trip in Princeton or Hopewell or Lambertville.

    1. Hey Khurt – it totally is possible and fairly prevalent in small towns. It just happens to be much more prevalent in large cities because there is a lot more going on there and a lot more photographers, so it tends to drown out work done in smaller towns and places. Look up William Eggleston, Stephen Shore, Lee Friedlander, Todd Hido, Robert Frank, Trent Parke, Alex Webb – there are many out there doing this.

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