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  1. Under the Manhattan side roadway are old abandoned warehouses. Between Pearl Street and Cliff Street, there was a company called “BROOKLYN BRIDGE FREEZING AND COLD STORAGE COMPANY”. Are there any photos of this available?

    1. Vincent, this is available by Aaron Siskind:[email protected]%20facilities/24/invno-asc

      This is a picture of their second location on , not the original one in the Brooklyn Bridge arches. I have an ancestor who managed and designed the murphy quick freezing system there.

  2. My dream is to go there and take pictures 🙂

  3. What is the purpose and function of the oval shaped wire mesh nets in between the cables at the approach to the Brooklyn Bridge ?

    1. That’s to keep people from climbing up to the top.

  4. Stupendous, fete incomparable, how could it be managed in those days- the engineering design, construction, the work dedication, quality of work, and not to speak of the enormous patience, insurmountable will power. even after the demise of Sr Roebling, the Jr kept the show going in spite of physical ailments and the lady took the charge, learn t the engineering intricacies and built a monument that still stands weathering many adverse environment during this long spell. – Marvelous-

  5. I love to read about the bridge. I enjoyed this post. I highly recommend David McCullough’s book “The Great Bridge”. It is a wonderful historical account of building the magnificent structure.

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