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  1. Great post, interesting read and good photos of the iconic building.

  2. It’s a city ahead of its time and if you’re coming in from abroad then take the Queen Mary II and sail under the Verrazano Bridge into NY Harbour and catch sight of Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty on your way in.
    James I love the dialogue on Roebling’s masterpiece and the Chrysler Building, these and Grand Central invoke memories of how far NYC was – and is – (the place to be)
    Roger Hodge

  3. The Chrysler Building was not owned by the Corporation. The Chrysler Family owned it until 1947.

  4. I’ve been an admirer of this incredible building since my university days, and I was lucky enough to see it when i went to NYC last year. It’s an amazing sight, and you’ve done brilliantly to capture the sense of awe and respect that it can give you.
    Well done, it is really talented work and keep it up.

  5. The gargoyle photo is from Margaret Bourke-White, who rented a penthouse in the 61st floor.

  6. You refer to Grand Central Station. That is a post office. The railroad facility across from the Chrysler Building is a terminal, not a station, and the official name is Grand Central Terminal. Penn Station is indeed a station.

  7. Absolutely lovely building one of the most iconic buildings in New York I’ve never been I’m from Plymouth U.K

  8. the Chrysler building metal work structures gargoyle & spire was done by Benjamin Riesner & son

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