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  1. Great homage to Frank! Well researched, written and illustrated. I learned a lot about Frank from your article.

    As far as Frank’s crooked photos? The critics that complain about this are mostly the anal landscaper or studio photogs. The seasoned street photogs know what it takes to do street work. They know that if they can come back with 75% of what they were after, it can still be a winner. Cartier- Bresson’s Rue Mouffetard Paris 1954 illustrates this…the concept of ‘imperfect perfection.’

    Crooked or not, in the end, either the photo works or not. Winogrand was a great devotee of taking crooked photos. (Due to his sloppiness, not due to art.) But if we are working for ourselves, the only one that decides this question or ‘does it work’ is the person that pushes the button. If they are happy with their photo that is all that counts.

    1. Glad you enjoyed it Daniel! I agree completely about the crooked photos. Half the time, I think they look better anyway 🙂

  2. Very interesting, I’m learning a lot from you!
    Thanks a lot

    1. Glad you enjoyed it Roberto!

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