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  1. James, I have enjoyed your city scapes very much especially the quirky like City Hall subway.
    Good luck with your future endeavours.

  2. Your work is amazing I also love to take unusual shots…and at 72 totally enjoying this ..I have all my work in frames on my walls

  3. I just read about this station tonight. I haven’t lived in N.Y. since the mid to late 90s but I think that your eye on the city is exquisitely sensitive to the world of the different types of universes of stories that exist there which people might not find anywhere else but if you are not approaching it with the attitude of an artist or a student you start to get used to or tune it out. I never got used to or defined and was always curious. At age 20, I found a VERY lifelike baby doll at the Salvation Army and I would take her out on the subway at 2-4 a.m. so I could hide a camera there and I’d film the city of endless possibilities and compose a score the next morning. Your work reminds me of the way it is to be an eye on the same horizon for a few seconds. I have a trip planned for next week and your work is like a commercial for why souls have to create a new thing from what they see and how they feel. You’re a person who is not afraid to see. You’re a truth telling artist. I’m glad to be privy to the details.😏🎈✏

    1. Thanks for the beautiful comment Pepper. Really appreciate hearing your perspective on the city and my work.

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