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  1. James
    We love your e.v grieve column.
    My family m I have lived here since 1972
    Be well! ( Rainer. Sue m Kim

    1. Thanks Kim! I really appreciate hearing that. It’s the most fun/rewarding thing that I do.

  2. Beautiful new Website! As with the old one, I was immediately engrossed in photos of old New York and New York architecture. I was born on the Lower East Side in 1962 and never knew who Jacob A. Riis was until today.

    1. Thanks! Yes the story of Jacob Riis and the changes that were made because of his camera is pretty incredible.

  3. Great new website James – still appreciating the stuff learnt on our trip round NY nearly a year ago !!😀😀

  4. Why the light grey typography? Not all of us are 25-30 year olds—this geyser is pushing 70. A darker typeface against the light back ground would be easier on the old eyes.
    Great blog, nice written style, interesting & pertinent content.
    Thanks. Chris in Toronto.

    1. Thanks for the thoughts Chris. It’s good to hear that perspective. I will test out some darker shades.

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