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  1. Fascinating and inspiring, James. Thanks.

      1. love your work

  2. Wonderful report! You always produce nicely illustrated posts.

    I like Soth’s work as well. Very talented photog.

    Glad he is not a slave to ego. (Stuck with the 8 x 10 or all film / all digital.) It is like someone trying to use a jeweler’s screwdriver to fix a truck. You need different tools for different jobs. Be true to the subject…not the ego.

    “You don’t have to have a million dollars to be able to buy it…”

    Yea, always a good question to ask yourself to see where you are in life . I used to do it. What would I do if I had 10 million $$…

    I’d be doing the exact same thing I do now…just much more of it. If freezing time is in your blood, that is your life.

    Weegee on the subject…

    “Sure. I’d like to live regular. Go home to a good looking wife, a hot dinner, and a husky kid. But I got film in my blood.”

    1. Thanks Daniel! – Yeah Soth adapts to the cameras he uses so well.

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